U.S. customers cannot access the Apple Store online at the moment


Many people rely on the Apple Online Store to meet their needs every day. While it is now unavailable in the United States, a placeholder states that Apple is “making improvements” to the website. Many questions remain unanswered, though.

When it comes to providing information on upgrades to the Apple Online Store, Apple isn’t always forthcoming. It is possible, though, that the beginning of pre-orders for the M2 MacBook Air is a factor here. Fridays tend to be the day of the week when the corporation takes its website offline before launching new products on the market.

The first to notice the change was 9to5Mac. As new speculation concerning preorders for the M2 MacBook Air surfaces every day, Apple may be able to surprise its fans sooner than anticipated.

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At WWDC 2022 in June, Apple unveiled the M2 MacBook Air, although the firm stated it would be on sale by the end of July. Reports indicate that the M2 MacBook Air will be available for pre-order beginning at midnight July 15, and that sales will begin at midnight July 15.

Earlier this week, the M2 chip-equipped 13-inch MacBook Pro became available in retail locations worldwide. You should, however, read this if you’re considering purchasing the M2 MacBook Pro.

Even if there isn’t much speculation going around regarding new products being released in the near future, it’s possible that the updates to the Apple online store are actually just internal improvements to the website rather than product debuts. After the store has been brought back up, we will be able to confirm something.

It’s also worth noting that while the US Apple Online Store is unavailable, the official app and website are still operational in other countries.

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