Update to iOS 15.4 is causing serious battery life issues for iPhones


The iOS 15.4 update reduces the battery life of some iPhones. According to user feedback, installing the firmware has a negative effect on the battery life of Apple smartphones.

Apple began distributing the iOS 15.4 update to all iPhones a few days ago. The new operating system includes a number of noteworthy additions, such as support for the DualSense controller, 37 new emojis, and the ability to perform system updates over mobile data networks. Face ID can now be used to unlock your iPhone even if you are wearing a medical mask.

Battery life has been reduced on some iPhones as a result of the update. Some Twitter users have claimed that installing the new firmware has significantly decreased the lifespan of their devices.

“The battery life on iOS 15.4 is terrible.” I lost 80% after 24 hours, but the screen was active for no more than 2 hours, and I only used Safari, YouTube, Instagram, and Uber, “says one user.” While some claim their phone is stuck at 95% or 97%, others say it shows 100% after a reboot or after a few minutes of unplugging and then quickly drains.

Apple’s iOS 15.4 update probably causes serious battery life problems.

We can assume this decrease in battery life is due to the iPhone 13 Pro’s 120 Hz screen being activated. Twitter and Instagram, two popular social media platforms, are now using Apple’s high refresh rate feature. For the most part, these apps have been limited to 60 Hz, which saves a lot of energy. Many older iPhone models (iPhone 11, iPhone 12, etc.) without a 120Hz screen are also affected, it should be noted.

When an iOS update is installed, it is not uncommon for some iPhones to lose a significant amount of battery life; Recently, each new operating system release has been met with complaints from its users. However, this is a completely normal occurrence and, most of the time, short-lived.

Indeed, when an update is installed, it triggers a series of background processes. For example, battery calibration depletes the battery. Once the calibration has been completed and everything has returned to normal, it will only take a few days. Nonetheless, Apple is always ready to provide a fix for any issues that may arise.

Apple’s iOS 15.4 also included 37 new emoji and the ability to customise buttons on all connected gamepads; a widget for the Wallet app in the US; notes for saved passwords stored in Keychain Access; and other features. Additionally, the new mobile operating system supports AirTag anti-surveillance capabilities and a new Siri voice.

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