USB-C iPhones are said to be under testing by Apple


The iPhone’s charging port may be getting an upgrade from Apple. According to a Bloomberg report, the company is testing new iPhones and adapters with USB-C, which is already used by MacBooks and iPads, as well as a wide range of devices outside the Apple ecosystem. We’ve contacted Apple for confirmation, but haven’t received a response.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the adaptor being tested might “allow future iPhones to function with peripherals developed for the existing Lightning port.” As an example, this may include a Lightning-to-USB-C adapter for devices such as credit card scanners or flash drives that can be plugged into an older iPhone. According to Bloomberg’s story, if Apple “proceeds with the move, it wouldn’t occur until 2023 at the earliest.”

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While Apple’s choice to switch to USB-C has been the focus of numerous jokes in popular culture, the switch may actually be welcomed. The more generally adopted standard is only slightly larger than Lightning, but it can deliver power and data more quickly. There are a number of reasons why this shift could be a boon to individuals who already use USB-C to charge most gadgets but still need a Lightning cord for their iPhones.

Apple’s intentions for making this adjustment may not be entirely pure. The EU has been working for a common phone charging standard for a long time and recently proposed legislation that would require all smartphones to include USB-C ports. Testing USB-C on iPhones would simply be a sign that Apple sees the writing on the wall. However, if this is the case, it would not only be easy for those who already use USB-C, but it could also lead to less electronic waste in the future.

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