VMware Fusion virtualization software now supports Windows 11 for Apple Silicon Macs


When it comes to running Windows software on Macs, VMware has long been a popular virtualization tool. While VMware continues to work on compatibility for Apple’s latest chipset (Apple Silicon), Windows 11 is now supported.

Parallels Desktop-like Fusion was published as a Tech Preview by VMware on Thursday. For the first time, VMware has a virtual TPM module that can run Windows 11 on both Intel and silicon-based Mac machines without the need for any hacks or workarounds. Although 4K and greater resolutions might function, don’t expect to play any demanding games with VMware’s early Windows on ARM graphics drivers.

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Apple’s Silicon Macs are also getting better Linux compatibility from VMware. According to a blog post from the business, “we’ve made many advancements to the Linux on Apple silicon experience by collaborating with the communities of other operating systems and open-source open-source projects.” Virtualization should operate fine as long as you have an up-to-date Linux distribution.

Since Parallels on Mac can’t boot a different CPU architecture operating system, the preview release shares the same core constraint. This implies that only ARM Windows and ARM Linux are available on Macs with Apple Silicon processors, whereas previous Intel Macs had additional operating system alternatives. Neither VMware nor the latest Ubuntu Linux releases support macOS virtual machines at this time.

Parallels is still the best option for running Windows software on a recent Mac because it is a fully supported commercial product (unlike VMware’s preview release). Windows can also be virtualized on Mac using the free UTM app, which has fewer features, and CodeWeavers CrossOver runs some Windows apps via a compatibility layer.

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