Watch Series 8 hands-on with Hermès Lucky Horse


Apple also unveiled the “Lucky Horse” watch face for the Hermès brand along with the new Series 8 watch from Apple. The design is intended to honor the equestrian roots of the clothing line.

The watch screen’s design is straightforward, with an apple and a horse shown placed appropriately in the bottom left corner and a horse’s head serving as the screen’s main focus. Yes, I did attempt to feed the horse the apple, but it was unsuccessful. Such a wasted chance.

Additionally, there are two spaces available for complications on the Lucky Horse watch face’s upper corners. They are the weather and your activity rings by default.

The watch face is available for modification in four color schemes: Capucine (orange on black), Bleu Hydra (blue on yellow), Fris Pâle (grey on orange), and Bleu Lin (light blue on dark blue).

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The Apple Watch has a lot of personality thanks to the Hermès Lucky Horse watch face. As it happens, the horse moves! Not much, but adequate. The mouth, ears, and nose may occasionally move a bit, but that’s about all you’ll see.

I’ll admit that when I first saw it, I yelled with delight. Not because I particularly adore horses, but more because I’m still a kid at heart and am easily amused. My favourite feature is the horse’s eye blinking when you tap on it.

This face has a certain quality that makes me and many of you fall in love with it. It gives the Apple Watch distinctive color options and individuality.

As you wager on the horses at the Kentucky Derby or engage in whatever leisure activity the Hermès target market enjoys, it can be a good discussion starter.

Most of the discussions I have will probably center on how much money I spent on this watch in order to see a horse wink at me.

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