Water Temperature Can Be Checked On Apple Watch Ultra If You Dive Or Swim


A new Depth app that comes pre-installed on the new Apple Watch Ultra allows you to gauge the water’s temperature while diving, swimming, or engaging in a variety of other water activities. These improvements include additional functionality, increased durability, and new functionality.

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most durable model so far, with features and aesthetic choices made specifically with sports, divers, and swimmers in mind. With EN 13319 certification, the international standard for diving gear like depth gauges relied upon by professional divers, the new Apple Watch Ultra is also the most water-friendly Apple Watch.

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In particular, when diving, divers can use the new Depth app, which displays a number of important metrics, such as current depth, elapsed time, the water’s current temperature, the duration of time spent underwater, and more. When submerged, the Apple Watch Ultra automatically launches the Depth app, making it quick and simple to access important data without having to actively launch it.

After the “Far out” event, pre-orders for the seven ninety-nine dollar Apple Watch Ultra became available. Customers will start receiving their Apple Watch Ultra on Friday, September 23.

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