Woman who was swimming in the cold waters of a river was saved by Apple Watch SOS


A female swimmer’s life was spared by an Apple Watch, which has saved many others on solid ground. This is yet another example of how the Apple Watch has saved lives. As of late, the device has proven to be an invaluable lifeguard tool. The female swimmer utilized the SOS feature on her Apple Watch to call for help. This cold-water swimmer was pinned by a boulder. She was rescued after using her Apple Watch to ask for help after becoming trapped in rock in Oregon’s Columbia County last week. Upon rescue, the woman was near exhaustion and showed signs of hypothermia, according to a police report from Dalles, Oregon. Because she had her Apple Watch with her, she was able to survive the near-fatal encounter.

Specifically, the SOS feature on an Apple Watch allows users to call emergency services by pressing the side button for a few seconds. However, it requires a cellular connection and a current plan in order to function without the user’s iPhone nearby.

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According to a police report cited in the Independent, “Officer Reams assessed the scene and determined that the rescue of the swimmer needed to be immediate, and that he would be able to aid in the rescue only by entering the water to feel how the entrapment was occurring, since the water was too murky and fast to allow any visible inspection from above,” according to a police report cited in the Independent. Also reported: Reams rescued a swimmer whose foot had become stuck and dragged her to shore.

Rains have reportedly caused the Columbia River to rise, and some neighborhoods of Portland have been affected by flooding. When the rescuers arrived on the scene, the river water temperature was 56 degrees (13C).

In 2016, Apple added water resistance to their smartwatches in order to provide wearers with health and exercise statistics while swimming or engaging in other water-based pursuits.

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