WWDC announcements cause Apple Store to be down


Apple has temporarily disabled its online store in order to make necessary modifications to its website in preparation for the keynote address at WWDC.

As is traditional for significant Apple occasions, the online Apple Store will be unavailable to the general public as of Monday morning. In certain instances, the store will remain offline until after the day’s most important event has completed.

There is “emerging news” instead of Apple’s normal logo animation on the company’s website for the World Wide Developers Conference. The picture also urges visitors to check back “after the event,” and to watch the keynote on the Apple website and the Apple TV app.

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Taking down a store is usually done as a way to introduce new products. Although hardware announcements are rare during WWDC, because it is primarily a developer and software-focused event, they do take place.

A new MacBook Air and maybe a redesigned Mac Pro are among the most hotly anticipated additions to Apple’s Mac portfolio and to Apple Silicon.

Apple is also rumoured to be moving forward with its AR and VR projects, but this may be more in the form of providing developers with tools to produce content than the debut of a mixed-reality headset.

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