Your hatred for your iPhone 12 is the same hatred that Captain America feels for the iPhone 12


The iPhone 6s was a big hit with Captain America (or Steve Evans, as he is known). It was there for him through everything the universe threw at him, even Thanos. But now, the iPhone that replaced it just isn’t up to the task. In fact, he doesn’t seem to be enjoying it at all.

Last month, Evans reported the loss of his treasured iPhone 6s and replaced it with a new iPhone 12. When Collider met up with him to discuss his latest movie, he was quick to point out the new device’s shortcomings. Evans does miss the home button, but that isn’t his biggest issue. In the opinion of Captain America, his iPhone 12 is simply too hefty to hold. Even he had to resort to the finger technique in order to save it from plummeting to its death.

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My new smartphone is too heavy for my liking. I’m aware that makes me the oldest dinosaur on the planet, but the problem with that is that everything you need is right here. It’s right here, in front of you. The time has come for me to say certain things. The pinky is used to stabilize it while being held, and it seems too heavy. It’s too much weight. ” Evans was nothing short of obnoxious during the course of the interview. I’ve been utilizing the pinky method for years because my hands are so small, but I can’t think Evans has the same problem—and the fact that even he struggles makes me feel much better!

Evans thinks that everyone who tells him to buy an iPhone SE is missing the point when it comes to the Home button. He only wants “something from the past to work until it no longer works.” I think it’s reasonable to say so. The iPhone 6s weighs in at around 143 grammes, whereas Evans’ iPhone 12 is a whopping 164 grammes.

No word on whatever model of the iPhone 12 Evans chose. If that wasn’t his choice, he might have done better with the iPhone 12 small. So why did the actor not go the iPhone 13 route as well? Maybe even one of Hollywood’s elite couldn’t bring himself to pay for Apple’s finest iPhone ever.

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