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Get Zeus Master Of Olympus Download Free Pc Game & complete review. It is full offline installer standalone setup of Zeus Master Of Olympus.

Zeus Master Of Olympus Download Free

Click on the below button to start Into Zeus Master Of Olympus Download Free pc game. This is the complete offline installer and standalone setup for the Zeus Master Of Olympus PC game. This would be compatible with both 32 bit and 64-bit windows.

Zeus Master Of Olympus Overview 

Zeus Master of Olympus follows in a similar convention as Impressions’ other ongoing city-building games, including Pharaoh and the Caesar arrangement. These games consolidate the urban-administration components of Maxis’ SimCity alongside the pioneer and majestic targets of Blue Byte’s Settlers games. However, in spite of the fact that Zeus is like its antecedents, it offers various upgrades and enhancements that make it a vastly improved game. These incorporate highlights and choices suggestive of Ensemble’s Age of Empires ongoing procedure games just as MicroProse’s great Civilization arrangement. Therefore, Zeus plays like a best-of-all-universes mix of probably the best procedure games ever.

As the title suggests, Zeus is set in antiquated Greece. In any case, the setting doesn’t have a lot of an effect on interactivity. Generally, Zeus plays precisely like Caesar and Pharaoh. The main surface contrasts are the items your kin produce and the nourishment your kin eat. Similarly, as in the past games, you will likely deal with each part of an antiquated city. From agribusiness and lodging to work and military, everything is heavily influenced by you. You should ensure that you have enough occupations for your kin and enough individuals for your employments. You additionally need enough nourishment to take care of your kin and enough benefit from sending out merchandise to take care of the high expense of bringing in the products you can’t create. It’s a high-wire act and turns out to be considerably trickier as your city develops in size.

As you get into the game, you’ll notice there are in reality some key contrasts in the way that Zeus plays contrasted and its forerunners. Impressions have rolled out some critical improvements to the mission structure so that – while the fundamental ongoing interaction is as yet the equivalent – it’s presently significantly more amusing to play. An average battle called an “experience,” fills in as follows. You start with a tract of void land. You manufacture your city without any preparation, as you focus on some preset, effectively attainable objectives. When your city is working easily, the mission closes. The following strategy puts you accountable for a similar city, yet your objectives will be more mind-boggling. Typically, these will include drawing in an amazing saint, similar to Hercules or Perseus, to your city to play out some assignment. When that is done, it’s on to the following crucial. In the long run, you’ll pick a site to colonize and start again without any preparation. At that point, it has returned to the parent city, this time with all the advantages of having a settlement, including expanded exchange and a yearly tribute of cash or products. At this point, a portion of your neighboring nations will most likely have been affronted or will have gotten desirous, thus it’ll be an ideal opportunity to begin attacking or shielding. The last strategic end with your achieving some bigger objectives that guarantee that your city is flourishing and liberated from rivals.

While a portion of these thoughts was actualized in Cleopatra, the development to Pharaoh, they are completely acknowledged in Zeus. In particular, your city remains precisely as you left it from crucial strategic. Experiences extend from five to eight missions and regularly take a long time to wrap up. There are seven altogether, and they get progressively troublesome. In addition, they each attention on one specific part of Greek history or folklore; one will make them help Jason through his undertakings, while another is about the Trojan War. The main issue with the undertakings is that the reconciliation of the folklore once in a while appears to be an untimely idea. For example, in a scene called Hercules’ Labors, Hercules himself just assumes a little job. Be that as it may, generally speaking, the mission configuration is top-notch.

Unavoidably, your city will require asylums committed to different divine beings. This angle will likewise be recognizable to the individuals who played Cleopatra, yet similarly, as with the strategic, it’s an increasingly grown piece of the game is Zeus. Every city has an alternate choice of asylums accessible, and these will in general work like the advances in Civilization, in that building a haven in your city will have a significant and particular impact. For example, an asylum to Athena will cause your olive cultivators and oil makers to work all the more proficiently, and the goddess herself will likewise battle close by your officers if your city is attacked. A haven to Hermes will make your laborers move merchandise quicker, and he’ll once in a while satisfy an extraordinary solicitation for products from another city so you don’t need to drain your stores. Each significant Greek god is spoken to, from Aphrodite to Zeus, and each particular haven has its own particular advantage. A few asylums are considerably more valuable than others, yet generally, this is adjusted by their expense.

The main hazardous territory of Zeus is the battle, which is held over from Pharaoh and the Caesar arrangement. Zeus endeavors to mitigate the issues of its ancestors’ battle framework by including the alternative to leave battle alone dealt with naturally. Tragically, this solitary works infrequently, and it’ll regularly put your soldiers about as a long way from the focal point of battle as you might need them. Deciding to physically control your soldiers isn’t vastly improved. To choose a troop, you should tap on the base of the standard speaking to him. Simply clicking in the ideal spot can take a couple of attempts, and the interface for troop control is likewise genuinely unwieldy. The battle is most straightforward when you have a couple legends or war-situated divine beings ensuring your city, as they can, for the most part, stop any foe attack with little difficulty.

One intriguing expansion to the battle framework is that your soldiers are currently really regular citizens from your city. This has an emotional impact since when you are at war, all other industry endures. Sending troops to another country can disable your city if your military is excessively huge.

However, the issues with battle are once in a while an issue since the battle is such a little part of the game. Impressions have included a substantially more fulfilling strategy model to Zeus, and the capacity to vanquish and colonize different urban communities makes the monetary perspective all the more fulfilling. Indeed, even the interface has been improved – it’s presently a lot simpler to discover the data you need. However while Impressions made the game simpler to play than its ancestors, it’s as yet intricate and testing.

City-building games are constantly about setting things up and watching them work, and it’s a demonstration of Zeus’ designs that simply watching the buzzing about of your city is such a lot of fun. Everything, from the dockworkers emptying angling pontoons to olive-oil merchants shuffling their products, is rendered with an incredible tender loving care. The energetic hues help the city look alive, and the surrounding audio effects, from the inconspicuous music to the sounds originating from your individual structures, are on the whole first rate. The game even has a decent comical inclination. You’ll see a lot of interesting little subtleties, which help make the game significantly all the more engaging.

Zeus is a significant improvement for Impressions’ line of city-building games, and it’s a critical headway for city-building games as a rule. The new crucial appears to be a straightforward enough thought, however, it includes a lot of profundity and life span to the game, and fundamentally improves the manner in which the battle plays. Zeus even offers three methods of play without the strategic objectives – one concentrating on financial matters, one on the military, and furthermore an open-play sandbox mode that lets you do anything you desire. Together, every one of these highlights implies that Zeus ought to furnish you with numerous long stretches of exceptionally charming interactivity.

Features Of Zeus Master Of Olympus

  • Free Roads, Delete, and Parks
  • Sanctuary & Palace Invulnerability
  • Multiple Sheep and Goat Placement
  • The liberation of the spirit
  • Game Discussion
  • Evaluation
  • Breach of the Rules

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
  • CPU: Pentium 166 MHz
  • RAM (memory): 32 MB
  • Videocard: 2 MB
  • HDD: 450 MB


  • Processor: Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon MP
  • Graphics: AMD Mobility Radeon 7500 64MB or NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 100/200 32MB
  • System Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Storage: 512 MB Hard drive space
  • DirectX 8 Compatible Graphics Card

How To Download Zeus Master Of Olympus

1. Click on the “Download Game” button.
2. Download “Zeus Master Of Olympus” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to Install.
4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

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